our culture

At Watkins Park Family Dentistry our company culture is very unique and embodies everything we believe in. From the first phone call or physical contact that our patients receive to the end of each appointment, to the individual interest of each team member.  Each person is important.  We are not just a dental office that treats teeth.  We are dental family that treats patients, providing confidence and long-term peace of mind. 

Culture can mean different things to different dental practices. For us, it’s about first-rate amenities and making the patient feel comfortable and no longer fearful. That translates to some amazing offerings, such as nice music, massage chairs, headphones, and refreshments, along with other niceties. It’s also about investing in the development of our team so we can deliver an exceptional experience to every guest.

Mission Statement

Our mission is to provide our patients with a positive dental experience  by delivering top-quality dental services with gifted and gentle hands.

Core Values  

“Elevate Your S.M.I.L.E.”

  • SERVE We have a “service-first” mentality with our patients, our families and our communities.  We have a responsibility to give back to our community through volunteering and charitable donations.
  • MEMORABLE We want everyone who visits our practice to remember us for consistently providing positive dental experiences.
  • INTEGRITY We believe in being truthful and up front in everything we do.  Honesty is the ONLY policy to live by.
  • LEADERSHIP We are leaders in the dental industry.  We are passionate about pursuing learning so we can lead our patients to optimal oral health.
  • EXCELLENCE We deliver Dental Excellence To Each Patient In Our Care, By Focusing On The Patient’s Individual Needs And Goals.